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P & J Roofing Ltd are leading Bauder approved roofing contractors for all types flat roof systems. Our company covers Croydon and areas of Surrey. We have 20 years experience providing a flawless service to our happy client base.

Bauder flat roof systems

We are approved Bauder installers of all their flat roof systems. Bauder is one of the leading suppliers of flat roof waterproofing systems which are suitable for most requirements. There are three main types of flat roofing systems we can install for you along with any other Bauder product. We provide information about each system and the options available below.


Lightweight Cost Effective Waterproofing

The lightweight roofing systems come with 2 options, both are ideal for projects with weight loading in mind.

  • Cold Applied is a liquid system which is 100% cold applied. This is a durable and fast way to waterproof your roof using a long lasting resin.
  • Single Ply is a high grade virgin polymer formulation with has a higher resistance to fire damage. Single Ply is also extremely resistant to chemicals and micro-organism attack making it an ideal option for your roof.

Long Lasting And Robust Waterproofing

If durability and longevity of your roofing system is of the upmost importance then this is the system for you. The Long Lasting And Robust Waterproofing comes with 3 options, all having their own individual strengths and qualities. All 3 systems also hold BBA certification for excellence and quality.

  • Bitumen 2 Layer Membranes is a Bauder Total Roof System and industry leader of integrated waterproofing systems. The total roof system consists of several membranes that offer a unique roofing system solution.
  • Bitumen Single Layer Membrane is ideal for most flat roof requirements. The Pro F single layer bitumen membrane system are ideal for warm roof requirement for both new build and refurbishment projects.
  • Hot Melt Waterproofing is more commonly used for as system beneath pavements and car parks etc. This system can also be used for green roofs and substructures.

Flame-Free or Cold Applied

This is another long lasting and robust waterproofing system that is designed for durability and longevity. This system has many different qualities also along with 3 different options for your installation.

  • Cold Liquid Applied is a Liquitec waterproofing system which is ideal for both new installations and refurbishments. One of the most advanced cold liquid applied roofing systems around with the highest levels of fire resistance.
  • Bitumen Membranes uses the Airtech system which is a high quality bitumen membrane. This system is ideal when the environment prevents hot works. The Airtech system can be used on both warm and cold roof designs.
  • Single Ply Systems¬†uses the Thermofol PVC System which has a high grade virgin polymer formulation. This system is highly resistant to fire damage, chemical and micro-organism attack which makes it ideal for green roofs also.

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    Latest Bauder Flat Roof System Project

    Below is our latest Bauder flat roof overlay projects we completed from start to finish. This Bauder overlay begins with Prime, Vapour layer Bauder Mica (VCL), Insulation board, KSO DUO underlay then Bauder K5K mineral.